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EmailMe Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

EmailMe is an app for self reminders via email. It enables your chosen mailbox to launch a new mail, with a chosen email pre-filled as recipient.
In addition, the mailbox automatically close the after the email is sent, taking you back to your Home screen, saving you another tiny step. 

It was designed only to save you some taps, but for people who send themselves email reminders regularly, its super cool. 

EmailMe doesn't operate your mailbox nor send your email, your mail carrier does-
we only provide a shortcut to launch it. We have no commercial relations with any email provider & we claim no rights to use their services. We only enable a device shortcut for you to use them.

We are ‘Always in Action’- An international team seeking for PEACE and coming up with simple life hacks to help us all move easier in this fast moving time.

We will be referred in the following agreement as ‘We’.
‘You’- is you, the user reading these lines.

We don’t collect or store any personal data from you.

Accordingly, this app doesn’t share any data with any 3rd party.
EmailMe doesn't require any permissions.

We do use Google Firebase

for collecting non-personally identifiable analytical data, app crash and error logs.

(you can find the privacy policy of this service at Google Privacy Policy).

You can always easily uninstall this app if you don't wish to use it anymore.

Different devices have different settings and sometimes issues. This app may not work on your device for any reason. We will not be considered responsible for any issue.

Installation and Settings:
Setting the app is easy: After install you'll be required to fill in the email address you'd like EmailMe to send to, after than select Inbox to work with.

After setting a default email address and mailbox for this app to work with, you can easily change it by deleting the app data: 
Go to Settings> Apps > EmailMe> Storage> Clear app data.
Next time you launch the app you'll be able to change its settings.

The laws of the state of Israel govern this license and your use of the product. Your use of the product may also be subject of local, state, national or international laws.

by installing the EmailMe app, You agree to this agreement.

You are always welcome to contact us for any reason via

Intellectual property
This app is the intellectual property of AlwaysInAction and You are are not allowed to copy, distribute or change its content in any way. 

Thank you :)

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